About the WWGA

The Woodbridge 18 hole ladies’ golf association is known as the Woodbridge Women’s Golf Association (WWGA).  The objective of the WWGA is to encourage interest in women’s activities, both golfing and social, which will promote good fellowship and social relations among its members.

There are two categories of membership for the WWGA:  Regular and Social/Inactive.

Regular Member:

Those eligible for membership are women who are regular members of Woodbridge Golf and Country Club, wives of regular members and their unmarried daughters between the ages of 18 and 23 who are full time students and meet the handicap requirements.

Social/Inactive member: 

Those who are unable to participate in competition shall pay full membership dues and have the rights and privileges of regular WWGA members.


To be eligible to join the WWGA, one must establish a handicap of forty or less.  A minimum of five cards must be submitted to establish a handicap.

Handicapping shall be governed by the recommendations of the Women’s Golf Association of Northern California (WGANC) and the United States Golf Association (USGA).

Tuesday is the designated day for WWGA golf events.  If the club is closed on Tuesday then Friday becomes the designated play day.

Dress Code:

Proper golf attire that reflects our WWGA golf fashion trends in neatness and in good taste should be worn at all times.  Blue denim jean material of any kind, frayed or torn clothing, tank tops, sports jerseys, halter tops or tops that reveal the mid section, tee shirts, bathing suits, sweat suits/athletic wear of any kind, short shorts (mid thigh is the minimum length), are among the apparel that are not allowed on the golf course.  The dress code includes all juniors.  Women’s blouses do not have to have a collar nor do they have to be tucked in.